Sunday, July 20, 2008

On Lake Victoria

I'm on the other side of Kenya Kisumu, the country's third largest city and chief outlet on Lake Victoria.

I just arrived so have nothing wise to say except Kisumu on a Sunday afternoon is QUIET. But the hotel has surprise wireless Internet....a first for me in Kenya so far.

Kisumu's chief claim to fame is that it was almost strangled by a voracious explosion of water hyacinth in the 1990s. The alien invader hobbled shipping and nearly killed the local fishing industry, laying Kisumu low. Apparently they've beaten it back (how and with what I don't know..will have to investigate) but like all kinds of third-tier places, it now seems to have its hopes set on bigger and better.

I'm here for one night on my way to Kericho, Kenya's tea capital and home to the Kenya division of the U.S. Military HIV Research Program. They've been involved in vaccine studies, and were getting ready to participate in the PAVE program that the NIH just formally stopped.

We'll see what they say!