Friday, August 15, 2008

Saturday to Tanzania

I'm packing again...feels like Groundhog Day. No matter how much I scrunch, and how much I throw away, the stuff expands to fill the bag -- and just a little bit more. This despite having mailed most of my books home...

Anyway I head up to Tanzania tomorrow. After a couple of days in Dar es Salaam sorting out my media accreditation (the first time that has been required on this trip, thank goodness) I'll be spending most of the following week or so with the people at Ifakara back on the malaria beat. I'm looking forward to it -- somehow the malaria vaccine story, with its promise of the big clinical trial next year, is more fun to do that sorting over the ruined AIDS vaccine hopes here in South Africa.

Also it will bring me back to the seaside...the research institute is located in Bagamoyo which sounds like a pretty interesting place on its own. We'll see how the Internet connectivity goes but I was pleasantly surprised in Kenya so perhaps they're all online in Bagamoyo too!