Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, it took a while but I've finally managed to put out a couple of stories from the trip. Here is the main malaria vaccine story, and here is a sidebar about the babies who are participating in it.

It feels good to have finally produced something, although as usual it is frustrating to see how much reporting gets whittled away in the editing process -- particularly for a wire service feature. Now I'll have to try a similar repackage job on the material from the AIDS vaccine trial sites!

I spent last weekend up at Harvard talking to this year's Nieman Global Health Fellows. It was fun to see old friends and interesting to hear how this year's crew are handling the challenges/opportunities of this amazing program (go Nauru!).

My Reuters work life has been very busy -- its an exciting time to be in Washington. I still hope I can somehow engineer myself back into a reporting role which will have at least some focus on global health, but for the moment U.S. politics is plenty to handle! If you are interested in some of less 'straight-up' news we are producing here at Reuters, the bureau runs a Washington political blog that has some interesting tidbits.