Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brussels Oct 14

Back to Brussels for a NATO meeting. We got in last night and went out -- late, as it turns out -- to find something to eat. More difficult than it sounds.

Brussels feels a lot like DC. A city but not really a city, with lots of officialdom and an early bedtime. We went to meet some of the press crew who are in town with Secretary of Defense Gates, but by the time we found them the kitchen at their restaurant had closed. So we walked around one of the main tourist areas of town, near the fishmarket, looking for something open -- finally found one place that was essentially traditional Belgian food cooked by Greeks and served to Italians. I had the mussels and they were fantastic -- with chopped onions and white wine sauce.

Finding a cab back to the hotel at 11:30 was also pretty difficult, but we finally snagged one, went back, and went straight to bed.

Today Clinton has a NATO ministerial. We started the day at the new EU headquarters (see above). The building is new but seems a little dysfunctional -- a little like the EU itself. But they've obviously spent a lot of money and want to be taken seriously. I'm not sure if the Clinton crew does that yet, but they are spending a lot of time with Euro-officials this time around.