Thursday, September 1, 2011

Paris Sept 1

It sounds nice..Paris, end of summer, sunny day -- Well, all those things are true, but unfortunately we are only here for about 7 hours.

Clinton had to interrupt her vacation to come to the newly-dubbed "Friends of Libya" meeting that Sarkozy called, a one-day (in fact, just a couple of hour) gathering of the anti-Gaddafi coalition and the Libya rebels to decide what comes next now that Gaddafi looks to be on the way out.

We left DC at around 11 p.m., flew all night and arrived here at 11 a.m. in the morning their time. The motorcade came directly to the ambassador's residence, where they have parked the journalists for the duration since all of Clinton's meetings and one-on-one encounters with various leaders are held behind closed doors. Its a nice place (see photo of rear of building, above) but there is precious little for us to do while we wait for her to finish. She is supposed to come back after dinner and give us a briefing on what happened, then we all head back to the airport and back to Washington. If all goes according to plan we should arrive around 1 a.m., so it total that makes for 27 hour trip to Europe.

Paris may be the world capital of French cuisine, but they clearly don't have the take-out pizza mastered. Take a gander at my lunch (below)